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    The Best Stationery for a Valentine's Day Love Letter

    11 Cute Cards for Pre-Wedding Love

    What the Cool Kids Are Getting This Holiday Season

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  2. Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal

    "A company known for cute embroidery takes the kitsch out of stitchery."

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  3. Torte


    Coral & Tusk tote bag feature including Baby Cat Pocket Tote, Garden Pattern Tote, Cats Pattern Tote, Champs Tote, Owl Pocket Tote.

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  4. Vogue


    "Coral & Tusk's Stephanie Housley was inspired by a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a stone's throw from her house, to create a beautiful new line that includes linen napkins, runners, and stationery, delicately embroidered with hollyhocks and daffodils."

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  5. Where Women Create

    Where Women Create

    Stephanie Housley Coral & Tusk

    "As a child growing up outside Cincinnati, Ohio, Stephanie Housley loved drawing, coloring, and "making stuff." Crafting and creating she surmises, reside in her DNA; her great-grandmother was a lace maker while her grandmother made dolls. It's no wonder Stephanie taught herself how to embroider at an early age..."

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  6. Lonny


    Coral & Tusk Gets a Super Sophisticated New Look

     "The Brooklyn-based brand debuts a collection of globally inspired pillows, duvets, and textiles that are miles away from their cutesy standbys"

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  7. Real Genevieve

    Real Genevieve

    "A movement is underway, forged by artisans, makers, and caraftspeople who are fighting to tell their stories, to help make the process and people behind a good just as valuable as the good itself... and Coral & Tusk is among those leading the change."

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  8. Milk Japon

    Milk Japon

    Little Family

    “Coral & Tusk’s new products, The Cats and Dogs Collection, was designed by Stephanie to pay tribute to her favorite four-legged friends. 10% of profits on all items from this collection will be donated to ASPCA.”

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  9. The Thick

    The Thick

    The Thick visited our former studio in Williamsburg and documented designer Stephanie Housley's inspiration wall. Read about her treasured objects that went on to inspire Coral & Tusk designs.

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  10. Frye


    Meet Our Makers Video

    Coral & Tusk designer and founder, Stephanie Housley featured in Frye's #MeetOurMakers social media series.

    "Stephanie from Coral and Tusk is a trained textile designer who marries fine illustration with technically advanced embroidery methods." 

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