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  1. Elle Decor

    Elle Decor

    Style Sheet featuring Coral & Tusk Tailored

    "Coral & Tusk's new Tailored collection brings the label's popular designs, including the colorful Garden and geormetric Partridge Eye, to Eastern-inspired minimalist skirts, jackets, and tops."

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  2. House Beautiful

    House Beautiful

    Call of the Wild

    Coral & Tusk pillows featured in Adirondack compound designed by Anthony Baratta.

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  3. Martha Stewart Weddings

    Martha Stewart Weddings

    "Make your wedding cake even sweeter with a topper that feels uniquely you. These figurines are big on charm and will remain keepsakes long after the last crumbs are gone."

    Featuring our Woodland Love Caketopper.

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  4. House Beautiful

    House Beautiful

    Sunset Orange color story featuring our Tumbleweed Vermilion fabric, framed in upper left corner.

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  5. Ocean Conservancy Newsletter

    Ocean Conservancy Newsletter

    Donor Profile

    Coral & Tusk

    "Coral & Tusk's Big Sur collection includes linen cocktail napkins, tea towels, pillows, stationary and table runners embroidered with coastal creatures like sea turtles, sea otters, sea lions and hermit crabs. Last year, the company donated 10 percent of the collection's proceeds to Ocean Conservancy."

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  6. Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal

    Coral & Tusk embroidered Masks featured in Wall Street Journal Off Duty, Hostess Gift Guide. 

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  7. House Beautiful

    House Beautiful

    The Wild Things

    Bring spring's buzzy energy indoors by accessorizing your tabletop - and yourself! - with the darlings of the gilded, rainbow-hued menagerie. 

    15. Bugs Cocktail Napkins, Embroidered linen. $88 for set of four.

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  8. How to Make It

    How to Make It

    How to Make It

    25 Makers Share the Secrets to Building a Creative Business

    By Erin Austen Abbott

    Published by Chronicle Books

    Coral & Tusk designer Stephanie Housley is featured, sharing behind the scenes of her business, Coral & Tusk, as well as her personal process and a DIY embroidery!

    "After getting a BFA in textile design from RISD, Stephanie Housley started Coral & Tusk as a side business in 2007, while working as a textile designer for a fabric mill based in India. She's since grown it to be a powerhouse in the world of fabric and design. Blending the love of trave and nature with fabric and illustration in a way that hadn't been done before, Stephanie has secured her thriving business as an innovator of high-end usable art."

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  9. Master of None

    Master of None

    Master of None, an original comedy-drama series streaming on Netflix, featured Coral & Tusk's indigo pillows on Dev's (played by star and show co-creator Aziz Ansari) living room couch throughout season 2. 

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  10. Architectural Digest

    Architectural Digest

    Incredibly Creative Tables from DIFFA's Dining by Design

    Coral & Tusk with Sunbrella

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