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Coral & Tusk Studio

Coral & Tusk gives a sneak peek into their delightful world with their line of pillows and accessories. See their imagination come to life as embroidered drawings in the beautiful Brooklyn showroom and production studio.

Video by North Sea Air

Coral & Tusk and Friends Pop Up shop

Coral & Tusk took over an open storefront for a month-long pop up shop in Brooklyn, NY. Watch the transformation of the raw space into a truly magical experience, bringing to life the world of Coral & Tusk in addition to showcasing a curated selection of designers.

Video by Maya Tippett

Coral & Tusk Tipi

A custom hand painted, embellished and hand embroidered piece to bring to life in large scale, the world of Coral & Tusk. It is based on the fox tipi pocket pillow so each visitor feels as though they are entering the foxes habitat and home. The inside is lined with custom embroidered fabric designed specifically for the Tipi.

Video by Maya Tippett

Coral & Tusk Canoe

Made completely from scratch, The Coral & Tusk Canoe is a custom piece bringing to life Coral & Tusk's small decorative canoe. It is hand sewn and hand embellished on linen and structured with wood panels. It is inspired by and reminiscent of vintage wooden canoes.

Video by Maya Tippett

Coral & Tusk Pocket Dolls do a dance!

Alpaca and Goat are ready for adventure

Topridge Friends paddle out