Tumbleweed Fabric Yardage

Available options:

$8.00 - $188.00

Each yardage piece is made to order and the lead time varies from 2-4 weeks plus shipping.

Please contact us at weborders@coralandtusk.com or by phone at 718-388-4188 if you have any questions or need help determining quantities for your project.

A tumbleweed travels, gathering and dispersing as it moves across the desert landscape. The path of a tumbleweed’s excursion is mapped by Stephanie Housley through her signature mark-making and embroidered stitches. Where one chevron design leaves off, a neighboring zig-zag picks up. Stitched with warm hues inspired by visions of dry sagebrush and sunset drenched canyons.

Embroidery on 100% linen.

Fabric width 56", repeat 27" w x 15.75" h.

Please see our detailed care instructions in our FAQs.