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Tumbleweed Vermilion Fabric Yardage

7" x 3"
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  • One Yard Tumbleweed Vermilion Pattern

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A tumbleweed travels, gathering and dispersing as it moves across the desert landscape. It collects matter once left behind: twigs, foliage, feathers and bones. Follow the tumbleweed’s dashed and dotted tracks, its history imprinted in the sandy earth. We map the path of the desert diaspore in our Tumbleweed design, where one chevron leaves off, a neighboring zig-zag picks up. Stitched with warm hues inspired by visions of dry sagebrush and sun drenched canyons.

Our custom woven vermilion fabric calls to mind vivid landscapes in the American Southwest from Saguaro sunsets to the cliffs of Grand Escalante.